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Gloomy Moose inaguaral post

February 7, 2011

So I’ve been wanting to start a blog that discusses my various trials with depression, anxiety, fatness, and my ever-cluttered closet without connecting it to my academic and personally identifiable lives.  I have found that being anonymous while simultaneously reaching out to strangers in virtual communities has been very helpful in dealing with some things, and in a way that I do not think would be possible in person or with people who know me professionally.  I hope that in some small way I can extend that here.

In trying to think up a name that was both silly and reflected the inevitable self-pity and self-hatred that will pop up here, I turned to the great repository of knowledge, Google,  for help.  I found this random codename generator, and the first suggestion was “Gloomy Moose”.  I considered changing it to walrus or sloth instead, but I can imagine a comical moose logo more easily than a walrus, so I decided to stick with that.

Now, who knows how long it will take to actually make such a logo…

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