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International Women’s Day “swish”

March 9, 2011

So, today I went to a day-long networking/business development event sponsored by the local government in honor of International Women’s Day.  While it was not as useful in concrete terms as I had hoped, there were some interesting and inspirational stories, and I learned about a few more business development resources that I did not know about previously.  The exhibits were all from local businesses that had received some kind of support from the council to get started, and they ranged from cakes to fitness classes to a fashion magazine.

But the real highlight was the “swish”.

Every participant was invited to bring up to 5 items of clothing to trade with everyone else.  I rifled through my big box of things to sell or donate and came up with a suit jacket that I bought off ebay but never liked, a skirt that I got in a charity shop but that was too big in the hips, a sweater that clings to my belly in an extremely unflattering way, and a cute top with an annoying collar.  Since I am so fat I was not really expecting to find anything that would fit me, but I was surprised when I got to the event that there were more women on the heavy side than I had anticipated.  I ended up with a pink trench coat, which is not really my style but I will keep for now, an aqua square scarf (which I have been looking for), and a brand new suit.  I kind of feel bad for not bringing better clothes!

Although the even organizer wasn’t all that keen on the idea, I think that the swish model could be adapted for use as a HAESUK or fat acceptance event.  Apparently it is the hot new trend in fashion at the moment, which could be capitalized upon to raise funding and awareness.  I envision a sort of mini-fair on a HAES theme, with a nominal entrance fee.  One thing that I would prefer to do, however, is set up some kind of changing rooms.  I could even see getting the seated fitness person (Sit 2b Fit) involved, as the ability to do some exercises even if you have physical mobility issues might be enlightening to some people who are obese.  No pun intended.

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