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An observation on the “thermodynamic” theory of weight loss

April 10, 2011

This has been discussed to death in the fat-o-sphere, so I’m just going to make a little observation about my own food intake.

I’ve been keeping track on and off with FitDay, which is interesting because it has a lot of automatic calculators and such that give you all sorts of interesting perspectives on your diet (in the generic sense of what you eat).  For me, it guesstimates that I burn 3,321 calories per day just sitting on my butt existing.  It reckons that in order to lose a pound a week I need to restrict my calorie consumption by 160 calories per day, for a grand total of 3,162 calories.  Yet my average calorie consumption is around the 1,600 mark.

Perhaps I really am eating too little and thus causing my body to be in starvation mode.

At any rate I’ve been toying with the idea of making a more formal commitment to myself to follow the “no-s” diet, not so much because I do a lot of snacking or eating sweets, but because I think it might be a useful framework for getting myself to eat more normally and regularly.  It’s not incompatible with HAES, either, as far as I know.  Because really all it says is eat normally — foods you like, in sensible varieties and portions, at regular times.  It’s not necessarily all that dissimilar to intuitive eating either.

One of the problems I seem to have is that I will often eat nothing until lunchtime without realizing it, or I will not have lunch until nearly 6pm and wonder why I am starving.  I frequently have bouts of feeling dizzy or lightheaded, and it is not really all that far-fetched to wonder if crazy blood sugar is partly to blame.  I already know that my hormones are jacked up due to PCOS and that I’m susceptible to diabetes, although there are no indicators that I have it (yet, anyway).  So it seems reasonable that eating irregularly could be a factor in keeping me fat.

That and being chained to the computer.  I really need to finish this damn thesis.


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