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Vintage flat oxfords and other thoughts on shoes, etc.

April 10, 2011

I came across this old post about flat oxford-type shoes on You Look Fab.  Since it’s rather old I thought I’d just write my comments here, since, well, I have this blog to record my thoughts and all…

I recently started wearing my vintage black oxfords again for a couple of “networking” events where I wanted to wear something business casual but knew I would be standing around a lot.  In these cases I wore a pair of grey boot-cut trousers and a black-and-white “knobbly” jacket.

My particular pair are, I believe, a remnant of my grandmother’s WWII Women’s Army Corp uniform.  For a pair of shoes that might be nearly 70 years old they still look darn stylish and they are in great shape.  They are a bit different to the ones posted on You Look Fab in that they have a slightly higher heel, a lower vamp, and a rounder toe area, with a bit of a point.  To me they look a bit more feminine than the ones I’ve seen in the shops the last year or so, and the soles are substantial enough for walking around in without feeling like any stray rock or bit of broken glass will go right through them.  And, being made in the old-fashioned way, they can be resoled as needed, which is probably why they have lasted so long.

In high school and my early undergrad years I had this thing for men’s oxfords.  I used to love wearing these clunky, thick-soled shoes with jeans, miniskirts and tights, or baby-doll dresses.  I suppose I still like a chunky sole to a certain extent but not the way I used to.  My closet still contains a few pairs of shoes from those days that I haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of, like the brown platform motorcycle boots.  Some day I will wear them again.  Well, the boots, anyway.  Once I relearn how to walk and not just sit here in front of the computer working on my thesis all day long.

There are probably other strange and wonderful things in the various closets at my parents’ house.  It would be super-cool if I could slim down enough to wear those funky old 70s cowboy boots again, for example.  I distinctly recall wearing them to a costume party during my MA, so I can’t have been that much slimmer then.  Last winter I went through a strange phase of wishing I had a pair of cowboy boots, which is strange because I don’t think I have ever wanted any.  But somehow as an American from the Southwest overseas I occasionally feel like I should wear western gear.  I do have a hat (from the dollar store, which is oddly appropriate) and Aunt R is supposed to be reserving some vintage Stetsons from her collection for me and DH before she sells them all.  Which, I have to admit, would be pretty cool, even though I would struggle to find a way to wear it except on Halloween.  But I’m sure I could at least wear it to the beach.  On the Fourth of July.  With a maxi dress.  Hmmm.

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