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A closet clear-out. At last!

May 2, 2011

Yesterday I decided to clear out some of the stuff in my closet, instead of working on my thesis like I should have.  I wanted to put my winter coats and things away and get out my summer clothes, such as they are.

In the process I tried a bunch of things on, again, and was pleased to find that not only did everything fit but some things were even a little bit too big.  This is a bit of a problem in the case of my nicer suit and a lovely shirt that G-Ma bought me years ago and I have hardly ever worn.  However I have acquired several suits now and I have four different styles of black suit jacket, including one that was far too small when I bought it but that I loved for its unusual style, which now fits.  All of my “business” trousers fit again, which means that I now have five pairs to choose from.  And I tried on all of my flouncy little dresses and found that with the exception of one that is a bit snug, they all fit no problem.  Even the one with the funny Hawaiian print.  Hooray!

The only problem with these jackets is that they are all a bit frumpy and business-like, so I don’t think they will work in more causal or dressy environments.  I still need a little black bolero to wear with the flouncy dresses.  I suppose the shrug is the thing to wear these days but I would rather have a nice structured bolero, preferably with 3/4 length sleeves.  I wonder how hard they are to make?

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