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What I got on eBay today

May 3, 2011

I decided that I wanted to look for a different jacket to wear for spring/summer.  I didn’t really have any particular style in mind, so I just trawled eBay for interesting stuff.  My favorite was actually a blue and white striped canvas blazer, but it quickly went out of my ultra low budget price range.  My second favorite, which I eventually won (for £5 including postage!) is a white pleather motorcycle jacket.  This is not really the sort of thing I would normally buy, but it struck me as being a little bit hip and punk-y without being too goth.  I suppose it is probably reliving my youth a bit, but lately I have been wanting to wear clothes that are more like the funky stuff I wore in high school or as an undergraduate.

In cleaning out the closet the other day I realized just how old some of my go-to clothes are.  For some things that’s not really a problem, because the items are reasonably classic, at least in my definition of classic.  Since I’m not generally a trendy person I don’t get a lot of stuff that dates quickly.  But there are things in my closet that I still wear quite frequently that I have had since I was in high school.  I graduated in 1992.  On one hand, it just goes to show that not everything you buy at Target or Wal-Mart is badly made.  On the other, it shows just how same-y my look has been all these years.

The other big thing is that I think I want to get a haircut.  I know that DH likes my long hair but I have been feeling frumpy and unkempt for a long time.  For the last few years I have really noticed that the individual strands are getting finer and my scalp is getting weirdly greasy.  I don’t know if this is a factor of PCOS, old age, or the minerals in the water here, but it is making the long hair look not so good.  So tomorrow I think I will find myself a discount salon and get a new haircut.  Since it seems to grow so fast I don’t think there is too much that can go wrong, unless they cut it one heck of a lot shorter than I ask them to.  I am thinking shoulder length layers, with heavier bangs than I have now.  Not exactly a radical change.

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