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Clothing items I wish I could find

August 5, 2011

One of the frustrations in my attempts to revamp my closet is that certain items I would like to own don’t seem to exist, or at least not in my size and price range.  My recent frustrations are:

– dark wash bootcut jeans that aren’t made from cheap, nasty-feeling, super-thin stretch denim that only lasts one or two wears before getting all pilled up and yucky

– a pack-a-mack type jacket (the sort that folds into its own pocket) that is cut in a trench- or blazer-like style, does not look like hiking gear, and comes in a neutral color

– flat sandals with a thicker, grippy sole appropriate for walking for miles around cities all day long as a tourist, but which again don’t look like hiking gear or an orthopedic prescription, can be worn with a skirt or dress when going out to dinner, and don’t cut into my ankles

– black blazer in a fabric that is casual enough to look good with jeans and a funky t-shirt, but that can also be worn with a dress to events like weddings, or as part of a suit. These are popular and should be everywhere, but I can’t seem to find one at the right price and in the right kind of fabric — they all seem to be too business-like.

I did see a pair of sandals at Clark’s that I am still thinking about going back to get. They aren’t exactly perfect but they were the closest thing I have found recently, and on sale for £20. That is way out of my normal price range but I suppose I’m not really doing myself any favors by wearing the same cheap or too-hot shoes all the time. And summer shoes like that will last for years in this climate, because there is really only a limited window in which to wear them. The only reason why I hesitated is because the pair I found was a 7 1/2 and it seemed they were a bit too big, which could lead to me tripping on stuff. Since I tend to be clumsy I didn’t want to buy them unless they are perfect. I suppose that this is a test of the “only buy it if you love it” rule, because they aren’t exactly what I want and they didn’t fit perfectly. But on the other hand I have been looking for a pair of sandals like this for several years now. At what point do I go with “close enough”?

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