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Closet purge, round 1

October 30, 2011

And now back to our regularly scheduled angst.  Specifically, my overstuffed closet.  I posted part of this elsewhere on the internet but here are the details.

I have been thinking about a serious, hardcore closet purge for at least a year now if not more.  I’m overwhelmed with clothes and my closet is really too small to put everything away, so I end up piling things on the floor or in laundry baskets. In September 2010 I did the turn-the-hangers-backwards trick and now I can see that I have tons of clothes that I haven’t worn in a year at least, and if I’m honest, probably longer than that.  I did a quick tally of things yesterday just to get an overview:

Winter coats — 4 (two black, one grey, one red)
Jackets and blazers — 12 (various colors and fabrics, including green corduroy)
Cardigans — 6 (one white, one blue, the rest black)
Day dresses — 7 (various colors)
Suits — 4 (black and grey)
“Business” trousers — 5 (black and grey)
Sweaters — 7 (various colors)
Short sleeve button downs — 3 (various colors)
3/4 sleeve button downs — 7 (various colors)
Long sleeve button downs — 9 (various colors)
Sleeveless button downs — 2 (various colors)
Short sleeve knits — 9 (various colors)
3/4 sleeve knits — 7 (various colors)
Long sleeve knits — 4 (various colors)
Sleeveless knits — 4 (various colors)
Skirts — 10 (mostly black or denim)

This doesn’t include formal dresses, sleepwear, regular t-shirts, close-fitting long sleeved t-shirts that are specifically for layering in cold weather, camisoles, jeans that are too big but don’t yet have a replacement, summer stuff in a suitcase under the bed, and the items that are currently in the laundry.  Or the things that I have already decided to donate but have not actually managed to get out of the house.  Or the “maybe” items.  I couldn’t bring myself to count the shoes.

Yikes.  I decided I needed an intervention.  So last night I went through the closet and pulled out a dress I never wore that had a near-identical twin, the suit I got in a swap, and everything that is primarily pink, yellow, or orange, as these are really not my colors.  Next I need to make the hard decisions, like pruning out my white button-down shirts (I have 6, with minor variations and different sleeve lengths) and deciding how many “business” items to keep.  And deciding whether my wardrobe can sustain getting rid of most of the 3/4 length sleeved items, which is a length I don’t actually care for but seems to have been the only one widely available in my size for the last few years.  Oh, and keeping things that DH specifically likes, even if they think they aren’t necessarily the best items in the wardrobe.

I have also decided that for my birthday gift to myself I am going to remodel my closet.  I’m tired of the standard one pole and one shelf design, especially in the “pocket” type closet that I have.  My plans for the revamp are not complete yet, but they will include three poles oriented front to back, two for short items and one for long items, plus more shelves that go higher up the wall.  Between the existing shelves and the ugly old wooden curtain poles in the office, I think I can actually do most of the revamp using recycled materials from around the house.

I’m also thinking about more hooks along the back wall, and maybe even some shelves for shoe storage.  I do hope they still have those transparent shoe boxes at the pound store tomorrow, but if not I’ll find a suitable alternative somewhere.  Maybe I’ll get some nicer under-bed boxes to put all my regular t-shirts in.  And I would like a better way to store purses.  The ones I decide to keep, anyway.  That’s an area that needs a major purge.  I also want to go through my jewellery and get rid of some things, especially the cheap stuff.  I can probably replace my cheapo thrift store items with slightly nicer quality stuff without actually spending that much money.  And, well, there’s always eBay!  And Christmas/birthday presents!

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