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The fashion gods smiled on me yesterday

November 5, 2011

So, my quest for a new pair of jeans has been ongoing for a few months now, and I recently got it into my head that I wanted more decent boots.  An unplanned shopping trip yesterday has finally yielded results in both categories!

I realized the other day that my flat black leather boots have really been an incredible bargain, because I wear them all the time.  They were especially good in the snow and ice last winter, and have been remarkably durable.  Probably if I had actually kept track of how many times I have worn them their cost of wear would be practically zero.  And in the last few months I have been increasingly attracted to grey stuff, and stuff with a bit of an edge.  So I have been on the lookout for a pair of boots in either of these categories. Yesterday I found a pair that is pretty much the same as my black boots in construction and material, but they are shorter, grey, and have some funky details.  In reality I could do without the studs and the chains, but the chains are easily removed and I like the buckled straps.

On the jeans front, I found a pair of grey, vaguely stripey boot cuts in a nice feeling fabric for a bargain price.  They are not quite the ideal jeans but they at least are not too big and too short like my other surviving pairs.  So that’s at least one wardrobe hole at least partially filled, and I can now get rid of the rest of the ill-fitting pairs without leaving myself with nothing to wear.

Other recent acquisitions that I am very pleased with are the “greige” heels that I got for £6 including postage which have turned out to be proper leather and have integrated Insolia insoles, and a very cute grey suede jacket for £16.  And I have my eye on a pair of nice leather cowboy-ish boots at Tesco of all places.  I had enough unused vouchers to trade in that I could get them for a little bit over half price, but I still haven’t quite decided whether to get them or not.  I’d better decide soon, though, or else they will be out of stock.

All these purchases and thinking about my closet leaves me better able to get rid of some things that have been hanging around for a while, though.  Things like the stretchy suede-effect boots, the plastic boots, the sandals that I bought in the wrong size before I realized what the right size was, the heels that are too high, the pleather jacket, the brownish blazer, the too-long suit jacket, and various tops and trousers that I never wear.  I’ve also decided that there is no reason to keep wearing socks that are not that comfortable simply because they don’t have any holes.  So I have been purging these, too.  Right now they are just piled up in the corner but the things that are worth trying to sell have been posted on eBay, and I’m going to bag up all the other stuff and take it to one of the charity shops soon.  There are one or two items that I may hold onto and see if Mom or AR can wear them, but if not I will take those away to the charity shop too.

My goals are not clearly formulated at this point, but I really would like a wardrobe that is much more effortless and causes less angst.  So I’d like to be able to get dressed for a variety of events without all the current problems that plague me, like not having the right bra for a particular dress or not having an appropriate pair of shoes for the weather conditions.  And then there are the emotional issues that are tied to various items, like feeling too fat to wear X or feeling that everything is frumpy and ugly.  I’ll have to work on refining this stuff in the next few weeks as I continue to work on my closet project.

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