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Thinking about a black satin jacket

November 14, 2011

There’s yet another thing on eBay that I am contemplating buying: a black satin blazer.  It’s a bit tuxedo-style but all satin, with long sleeves.  I’m hesitating because I am cheap, but I also feel like it might be a worthwhile item to fill a few holes in my wardrobe, so I am going to brainstorm some possible ways that I might wear it.

First, this could be a suitable alternative to the elusive bolero jacket.  I like the idea of a bolero and I have been looking for one that I like for several years, but there are a few things that have stopped me taking the plunge.  The biggest problem is the cropped length.  It’s just not that flattering on a fat lady, and when I have seen large women wearing tie-front shrugs and boleros over long t-shirts I have thought that it just wasn’t a great look.  Conventional boleros and shrugs often have sleeves that are either short and puffy or the dreaded 3/4 length, so this jacket I am looking at would be a bit different because it has proper long sleeves.  Normally when I am looking for a jacket to wear with a formal dress it’s because I anticipate being cold, so it would make sense to have a jacket that can actually provide warmth.  I am a tiny bit self-conscious about my flabby arms but it’s not actually my main consideration.  Many of the boleros and shrugs I have seen are made of very sheer material because their primary function is to provide a sense of coverage, rather than shelter from the elements.

Ok, so, having convinced myself that this jacket would be a suitable alternative to the shrug, can I come up with several situations in which I might wear such an item?  The obvious application is formal events.  So, would I have worn this jacket to any of the events I have been to in the last few years, when I wore a dowdy cardigan and wished I had something better?  This is a resounding yes.  This jacket would have gone very well with the grey dress and the yellow dress, and I could have worn it with a different dress altogether for J&M’s wedding and looked much more presentable.  For the upcoming holidays, it would go well with jeans and heels, or perhaps with the red or grey dresses.  I could wear it with jeans or a skirt to the pub.  It would make most of my blah tops look fancier for parties and going out.

What specific items could I wear it with?  Well, it could go with either dark blue or grey jeans and the black twist-front top.  I could wear it with the grey chiffon dress or the LBD.  I might even be able to wear it with the black jersey maxi skirt.  This exercise makes me think that I need different clothes, however.  Like perhaps a more casual dress that is still made from suitably fancy material that it can be worn to a party, and some other nice-looking but plain casual tops.  And some genuine blouses.  I suppose these are the bane of my (fashion) existence at the moment, and the primary reason for really cleaning out my closet, so it’s not surprising to find these kinds of holes.

So, the verdict? Yes, I should keep bidding on this jacket.  And perhaps set a limit up to £10.

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