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Results of a shopping frenzy

December 5, 2011

I’ve gone a little bit nuts lately.  My latest acquisitions are a funky leather bag, a black satin jacket, a striped long sleeved t shirt, grey wrap top, and a funky black and white gingham blouse.  I’ve also bought dark red heels, “greige” heels, and now cowboy boots.  I guess this week I’d better post some more stuff on eBay.

There is still no real plan to my shopping frenzy, though.  I think I will revisit my closet analysis and the “rules” for my body shape and see if I can come up with an actual plan for what to acquire and what to purge.  At present I lack a goal beyond looking less dowdy and frumpy and unkempt.  Which is not really a very useful goal.  Perhaps I should work on constructing wardrobe capsules for all of the events I have found myself at in the last few years, and try to come up with something that I feel good in.

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