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eBay addiction and decluttering

January 28, 2012

I’ve been totally addicted to eBay lately.  Buying and selling, at least, but I think I have spent a lot more than I made.  Which, for an unemployed person, is not a good idea.  In the last week or so I have purchased a houndstooth check skirt, grey handbag, two jersey cardigans, and a canvas blazer.  At least I have immediate uses and plans for all of these things, but since in reality I am still sitting at the computer in my bathrobe most of the time, it seems foolish to buy more clothes.  I suppose the next thing to work on is developing a habit of getting dressed properly every morning.

As part of the Xmas-Graduation cleaning frenzy, however, I have managed to make some progress on organizing the house.  I managed to persuade DH to sort through a lot of his random stuff, eliminating the boxes that have been under his desk ever since we moved in.  I put all the CDs in an old suitcase in the closet so that I could use the bookshelf for actual books, and I put the file sorter on the wall.  It looks a little strange, hanging there empty, but I also found that it holds the netbook and ithingy quite well, so I may revamp it into a sort of charging station.

I’ve also been spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at style blogs.  Not really in the sense of finding out what is trendy, but in looking at what other people have worn and thinking of ways to adapt it to suit my style and body.  This includes a lot more navel-gazing and trying to identify the sort of image I want to project and the clothes that can make that happen.  It seems like a really frivolous exercise, but really, appearance is such a huge component of communication that it is a worthwhile investment.  For a fat lady like me, it is even more important to counteract the stereotypes of being slovenly and undisciplined.  Which I kinda am, in some ways, but not in the ways that count.

What I have found, though, is that I really don’t have a single “taste”.  I like elements of all kinds of styles, although I still gravitate toward the goth/tailored side of things.  Last week I sorted through my closet and pulled out everything that doesn’t really fit me and put it aside, then I rated everything that was left as “like it”, “ok”, “don’t like”.  I wound up with about 40 things that I actually like to wear, almost all of which are t-shirts and jeans, and mostly green, blue, or black.  The styles are all over the place, but mostly either very casual or basic, or very business-like.  I suppose my next phase of evaluation should be to work out how to incorporate the business-like stuff into a more casual lifestyle without feeling silly.

And I also really need to figure out what my actual wardrobe holes are, rather than randomly buying stuff that appeals to me.

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