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Back to the closet ponderings

September 12, 2013

I got fed up with thinking about my closet and personal style, so I have just ignored it over the summer.  This year I have been a bit busy, too, in that I wrote a paper for a conference overseas, took a 3-week vacation and then another 1 week, and decided to start tackling some of the many DIY projects that have been neglected for the past few years.  We have also had fantastic weather this summer and I have a friend who just happens to be on maternity leave, so we have done things like  going to the beach and out to lunch more often than I would have normally.

But, since fall seems to have fallen with a particularly sickening thud this week, I’ve found myself thinking about clothes again.  I need to decide whether to pull the trigger on a jacket that I have been eyeing but before I do I’d like to get a better understanding of what I have available and how that fits with my style goals, however dim those may be.  I started with a quick and dirty closet inventory yesterday, which does not include things that are in the laundry, the “holding zone”, or waiting to be altered in some way.  The results:

  • Trousers: 3
  • Shorts: 2
  • Jeans: 3 (not counting my scruffy pairs I wear for gardening and such)
  • Skirts: 9
  • Dresses: 11 (not counting formals)
  • S/S tops: 18 (not counting scruffy ones that never leave the house)
  • 3/4 sleeve tops: 2 (I was sure I had more than this, but maybe I got rid of them?)
  • L/S tops: 18 (not counting layering tees)
  • Sleeveless: 1 (not counting camisoles and super basic tank tops)
  • Sweaters: 7
  • Cardigans: 11
  • Swimwear: 2 (swimsuit and a cover-up)
  • Jackets: 18 (including sweatshirts and fleeces)
  • Coats: 7 (including lightweight trenches)

I haven’t counted shoes or bags yet, and there are a couple of jackets and such hanging around the house that aren’t included here.  What strikes me right away, though, is that I have far more skirts and dresses than I need since I almost always wear jeans.  The trousers include two office-appropriate pairs that I know are rather ill-fitting, but they are the only ones I have.  So even though I don’t currently have any job prospects, it would probably be a good idea to shop for a decent fitting pair of “office” trousers that I could wear to a hypothetical interview.  It would also be useful to apply the “capsule” concept and identify what will actually go together.  It seems like I have tons of clothes but my experience of staring into the closet and being totally frustrated with what I find shows the reality that I have a hodge-podge of items that don’t really form outfits, and most of my tops only work with jeans.


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