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Deleting old files and the nonsense of dieting

June 7, 2015

Over the years I have collected a ton of articles about diet, exercise, and weight loss in general. I had printable PDF food diaries, mood and food journals, spreadsheets where I tracked everything I ate and calculated how much of various RDAs I got from that food. My collection included recipes, lists of carb counts, low-calorie swaps for various foods, scholarly articles, government publications, and poorly researched web pages that I copied the text from and pasted into a word processor document. I collected tidbits of “useful” information into a huge word document, organized by headings, which I called a “compendium”. Low carb, low GI, low fat, low whatever. I had bits and pieces of everything on my hard drive.

Today, as I sorted out a folder that had become a bit of a dumping ground for random documents, I deleted almost all of it. There were a few useful things in there, related to PCOS and HAES, so I kept those. Less than 10 documents out of over 300. It feels good to dump them.

I never really implemented any of their advice. I am probably never going to go on a “diet” in the conventional sense of the term again. I think the last time I actually successfully followed a diet plan for any length of time was a good 20-something years ago. All of those documents were just taking up space in my mind as well as my hard disk, reminding me that I’m a lesser person because of my excess size.

Well, as they say, bollocks to that. I still wish I were thinner but I hate the process of dieting. And I’m not going to feel guilty about that.

If this were a newspaper article, the ending paragraph would have some obligatory bullshit about how “this isn’t a license to eat cake and sugary drinks all day”, or “don’t let your reduced sense of guilt lead you into thinking it’s ok to eat chips for dinner every night”. But you know, I don’t do that anyway. So that annoying, finger-wagging voice can just F. R. O.


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